This Much I Know To Be True

For this project I will be seeking out people who are willing to respond to the phrase “This Much I Know To Be True.” I will then post their responses, with a picture, on my blog. I will also share posts that include insights I’ve come across as I’m out living my regular life. If you would like to participate, please send me a message. I am always looking for fellow TruthSeekers.

Now, a little more about the project. I for one, believe in eternal truths, truths that cannot be changed no matter how popular the opposition is. But I’ve also come to realize that there are important personal truths in everyone’s life. They may be funny or serious, but they influence how an individual experiences the world.

My hope, in this self imposed search, is that I will discover the truths that unify us as human beings. And, that I will become a better person along the way.

Now, I suppose I should get the project started by sharing some of my own truths.


My name is Andrea Jill Fingerson. I am 34 years old, single, a teacher, and transitioning into my life as a professional writer.

What I know to be true is that I am not where I expected to be according to my childhood fantasies. I have received a lot of blessings but my life has still felt difficult. Many of my plans haven’t worked out the way I intended them to. Sometimes, maybe even often times, that has been a blessing, but it has also been a challenge.

Other challenges I’ve struggled with are anxiety and depression. I know that these struggles will never go away completely. But I also know that I can handle them because I have family and friends who love and support me.

Most importantly, I KNOW that I have a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother who love me and who are watching over me. I KNOW that Jesus Christ is my Heavenly Brother and that he lived a perfect life so that you, and I, could go home.

I KNOW that I am not alone and that I am loved. I know this to be true with every part of my heart and soul. And I know it’s true for you too.

What do you KNOW to be true?

Share your testimony with us. Make the world a better place and the people in it stronger.

Tell us the truth, tell us your truth.


One comment

  1. I’m Jodi Rizzotto. I’m in my 50s, a teacher and writer. What I know to be true is that God has a plan for our lives but we must choose to embrace it. Life is a series of tests you must pass before you get to the next level. Another truth is that I can’t live in this world without receiving and giving grace.

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