In August I had the opportunity to help organize the Ghostwalk workshop for the Inlandia Institute. I had a great time working with the writers and helping them prepare a short story to submit to the California Riverside Ballet for the annual Ghost Walk Tours in downtown Riverside. (Here is a link to my post about the workshop.)

ghostwalk flyer

Scary stories are not my genre, but since I was helping other writers prepare a story, I thought I had better write something too. Somehow, I’m still not sure how, my submission was chosen to be included in a tour. They took place the weekend before Halloween and my story was performed on the “All Hallows Hall” tour.

photo 2-9

A group from North High’s Theater Department performed “The Thinning Veil.” It was a collaborative project, and the kids made some changes, but it was a lot of fun to see their interpretation. I hope they had as much fun working on the story as I did writing it.

photo 3-5 (I loved the art work made at the stop on the tour for my story.)

Inlandia will be publishing the stories selected on their website or blog. I will include a link here as soon as mine is posted.


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