Truth Seeking with Mike Foley

Mike Foley taught the first creative writing class I took as an adult. (It was at the UC Riverside Extension Center) He was instrumental in helping me reconnect to this part of myself. Thanks for all of your support, Mike. Your short story class gave me the confidence to start writing again.

Mike 2013

This is his response to my truth challenge.

This much I know to be true. Things can change in an instant, and often in a positive way. A check shows up when you least expect it. An new opportunity comes out of the blue. An unaffectionate parent suddenly crosses a room at a party and hugs you. A magazine editor who has rejected your story inexplicably changes her mind and publishes it. Someone who shows no interest in you suddenly does, and love blossoms. I know these things because they have all happened to me. And they can happen to others, too.


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