Ghost Walk

On Saturday afternoon I lead a writing workshop sponsored by Inlandia and the California Riverside Ballet.   
At the end of the day I had a new story and renewed energy for my main writing projects. 

The truth I came away from this activity with is that writing is a community centered career. Writers spend a lot of time alone with their computers. 

They need to become involved in their community. It is the best way to thrive while pursuing your career goals.

 I hope everyone else there had as much fun as I did. If anyone is still interested in submitting a story to Ghost Walk, let me know. I’ll connect you to the right people. August 31st is the last day to turn in a story. More details are available on my events page. 


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  1. […] In August I had the opportunity to help organize the Ghostwalk workshop for the Inlandia Institute. I had a great time working with the writers and helping them prepare a short story to submit to the California Riverside Ballet for the annual Ghost Walk Tours in downtown Riverside. (Here is a link to my post about the workshop.) […]

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