Truth Seeking at Church

I was at church today when a young woman preparing to depart on a mission, shared her testimony. I didn’t catch the full reference, but she said something that inspired a little scene to appear in my head. What can I say? It’s the writer in me.


In the scene, it’s Judgement Day and people are being welcomed home by Christ.

The strange thing is that Jesus, not the sinners, is the one begging. He is begging them to stay.

“Please,” He said, reaching out his arms to embrace them. “I know it’s hard. I know you feel the oppressive weight of your sins. But you are welcome here. This is your home. Let me wash away your sins. Accept my Atonement. Let me make you clean.”

Jesus Christ’s love for me, for all of us, is something I know to be true.

I know you’ve made mistakes. I’ve made them too. But you are still worth saving. Let His love into your heart. Accept the Atonement, it will change your life.


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