Truth Seeking with Tami Depasse

“This I know to be true…

I love my family more than I ever thought I could love anything. I would take a bullet for them.
Loving your job is part of having a happy life. You should follow your passion and do what you love.
People are the sum total of both their good and bad experiences.
Having someone who believes in you makes all the difference.
Everyone should spend more time outside.

Traffic will always be worse when you are in a hurry.
Well-written TV shows usually have good guys who do bad things for good reasons.
Everyone has an eyebrow that is higher than the other, if you look really closely.
Junk food has addictive properties.
People who speak a foreign language in front of you are not always talking about you.


What do you KNOW to be true?

Share your testimony with us. Make the world a better place and the people in it stronger.

Tell us the truth, tell us your truth.


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