Truth Seeking with Corinne Litchfield

On Saturday I was able to attend two events at Ontario’s Ovitt Family Library. The first was a presentation for the local branch of the California Writer’s Club. The second was Inlandia’s 2nd Annual Indie Authors Fair.

I had a great time learning about social media and marketing, especially for self published authors. This is an avenue I am exploring . Hopefully I will be able to put their advice to good use. 


The keynote speaker for both events was Corinne Litchfield, a social media manager and the Editor In Chief of Paper Bag Writers.  After getting a lot of good, make that great, advice from her, I asked if she would be interested in participating in my truth project.

She had a response that I found incredibly helpful as a new writer. 

A Truth From … Corinne Litchfield

“For as many times as you hear the word ‘no,’ at some point in time, you will hear the word ‘yes.'”


What do you KNOW to be true?

Share your testimony with us. Make the world a better place and the people in it stronger.

Tell us the truth, tell us your truth.


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