Unspoken – Who You Are

I was driving home the other day, quietly listening to the radio when I was struck by the lyrics to the song I was listening to.

“You refuse forgiveness like its something to be earned.”

I couldn’t help wondering if I was doing that very thing. All of us struggle with sins, mistakes, or regrets. I know I’m not the only one. Thankfully, we don’t have to struggle alone. We don’t have to “refuse” forgiveness either from the person we’ve wronged, or our creator.

In my eternal perspective, forgiveness for our sins and mistakes can’t be earned. It’s impossible. There is no way for us to make up for every thought or deed that we regret, whether or not our list is short or long. So, in a very real sense, forgiveness can never be earned.

The closest we can come, and the only thing Heavenly Father asks of us, is to to admit to our mistakes and strive to do better. That is how we can change who we are, as the lyrics say. And I would add, that is when Christ steps in to helps us. He, and only He can, makes up the difference so that we can return home.

UN_1413_RGB1Image via http://unspokenmusic.com/site/

So, I had to look up the group responsible for this wonderful song. They are called “Unspoken” and the song is titled “Who You Are.” Check them out.


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