The Author’s Promise

Truth: the Final Frontier
These are the voyages of Andrea Fingerson.
Her mission: to explore strange new ideas, to seek out renewed focus and motivation, to boldly go where she has never gone before.

Image Via Demo Science (Creative Commons)

Ok, now that I have indulged my inner geek for a moment, lets be serious. The concept of “truth” is powerful. Not just to me, and not just because I’m a bit of a control freak.

Truth, and our understanding of it, changes our lives. Sometimes drastically so, and we are not the only ones affected. Truth can incite our passions, help us stay centered, and lead us home, whatever we consider home to be.

That is my goal for this self imposed search for truth: inciting my passions, staying centered, and finding my way home. Hopefully I will even be able to help more than myself.

For those who don’t know me, here is a little background. I am obviously a StarTrek fan, but truthfully, I am a fan of fiction in general, science or otherwise. More importantly, I am an aunt, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a cousin, and a friend. I am also a writer, a teacher, and a child of God.

I am a proud Latter Day Saint and I will gladly stand and share the eternal truths of the gospel that have so blessed my life. I am also someone who struggles with anxiety, and low self esteem. (Yes, I do realize that those last two sentences might sound a bit contradictory. What can I say, I’m complicated.) These struggles affect every aspect of my life, from the minutia of every day decisions, to the complexities of major crossroads.

I have found, along the relatively short existence that has been my life, (thirty-four years to be exact) that remembering my priorities helps me to combat my inner demons. This isn’t always easy. In fact, it never is. But, focusing on truths, eternal or personal, has helped me continue to progress, albeit sometimes slowly.

So, I come to you today with some faith and a plan. I will commit to sharing myself, and the truths I have learned along the way, with you. In return, I ask only that you read with an open mind. Hopefully, something I share will make a difference to someone out there, even if they do live in a galaxy far far away.


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